Exhibition has gone into creative hibernation


AN EXHIBITION, which was set to open at a popular art gallery just as the coronavirus hit the UK, has gone into creative hibernation.

“Practice” – a show featuring works by artists and practitioners who teach at the prestigious The Northern School of Art – was due to open to the public on Saturday, 21 March at Hartlepool Art Gallery.

Now the works, showcasing a diverse range of disciplines including fine art, sculpture, graphic design and typography, photography and print-making, are hanging silently behind the closed doors of the gallery until the coronavirus crisis subsides.

This includes pieces by fine art lecturer and director and artist at Platform A Gallery in Middlesbrough, Dr Tony Charles’, from his signature “Unpaintings” series which blends painting, drawing and sculpture.

Tony, who curated the main gallery artworks, said before the exhibition opened: “The Northern School of Art is renowned for its practitioners and educators who deliver the highest calibre of artistic practice within the setting of a specialist independent art school.

This exhibition is an exciting showcase of work by artists and practitioners who have helped to cement the School’s reputation as an established provider of highly skilled graduates to the creative industries.”

Prior to the closure of the gallery in the Grade II Victorian Church premises adjacent to the School’s degree and masters’ level campus in Hartlepool, staff had worked hard to install the artworks.

Photos of the works in situ have now been released to give people of the flavour of what lies in store when visits can resume.

Works ready to be viewed include a giant typographical artwork incorporating open source typographic called “TypeBase” by the school’s graphic designer degree programme leader Olivia Watson and lecturer Paul Clay in the Apse gallery.

The main gallery features artworks and photography by the school’s fine art and photography degree programme leaders and lecturing staff

Also in the main gallery are paintings by the school’s Fine Art degree programme leader Dr Jonathan Chapman, industrially-processed wooden sculptures by Fine Art technician, Katy Curran and prints by Kathryn Bell, an artist and print technician.

The programme leader of the school’s photography degrees, Jamie Macdonald, and photography lecturers Antony Chambers and Jill Cole also have a series of photographs on the walls ready for viewing.