Keeping busy in crazy times

With everything going on at the minute with this dreaded virus, it’s really hard to keep your head up and stay positive.

A lot of people are putting their spare time to exercise, crafts, reading and completing them odd-jobs that we always pass off.

I’ve been using my increasing spare time by decorating! I and Louis bought a second home (or are about to), but have the keys. The house is currently covered in wallpaper that clashes, stained walls and an overgrown garden. It’s easy to crack on with all the work whilst it’s empty, so I’ve been on wallpaper duty. Blasting my music and singing my heart out is a great way to de-stress and take my mind off coronavirus and day-to-day struggles.

When my eyes start to lose focus from the garish wallpaper patterns, I’ve been chilling at home in my comfy clothes and reading my kindle. I recently joined an online book club, Beth’s Book Clubwhich has had me engrossed in some fab reads. Although I used to love reading a physical book, it’s so much easier for me to sit with my kindle and lay in the bath, chill on the sofa or lay in bed. It also means Oakley, our seven-month-old Labrador, is less likely to rip it to shreds like he would an actual book.

Another thing I’ve done to keep occupied is I’ve purchased a colouring book. No, you’re never too old! I actually ordered an ‘adult’ colouring book, which is filling with bad language which I definitely can’t repeat in front of my Mam. The rude words are surrounding with pretty patterns which I can colour in with my personalised colouring pencils (they have my name on, yes I’m that sad). I’m even considering ordering some frames and framing the finished masterpieces, I think they’d look awesome on my office wall!

It can be hard to switch off in this confusing and scary time, but what better time to take some time to focus on you.